Terry Laxton

phone: 425-818-8256
email: terry@bettermoneymethod.com

I wrote The Better Money Method to help people make the right choices, which maximize not only their financial assets but also their intellectual assets.

Learn how to:

  • Minimize Taxes
  • Transfer funds to heirs tax-free
  • Pass on intellectual assets to heirs
  • Create a retirement strategy to receive income tax free
  • Convert tax-deferred IRA's 401(k)'s and other deferred retirement plans to tax-free income for life
  • Increase net spendable retirement income by up to 50%

Terry Laxton is president and founder of Providence Financail Group. Terry is an Registered Investment Advisor who specializes in tax free retirement income and the Family Empowered Bank. Terry uses proven strategies that are not common knowledge. The ideas are not novel but the approach is. Terry has been using strategies self-made millionaires have long since used to accumulate wealth. His passion is to help individuals to be their own banker, learn to leverage through arbitrage to gain a financial advantage and how to reposition their existing assets to improve there financial health.

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